Top Posts ( I really got a kick out of this and hope you do too!)

Fruit Cream, a lovely salad.
It is so very interesting to me what takes off and gets the most attention from those of you who are so kind as to follow this little blog.  I go into the statistics and marvel at the things I never dreamed would be of interest.

One lesson I have learned is that I do not have a clue as to what to expect in the way of reaction.  Therefore I am very interested when readers, friends, and others ask for or make suggestions, and comments about things they would like to see explored or shared.  I welcome you to do so.

I decided to share this with you so I searched out this morning the top read posts ranging all over 900 and up to the hundreds of thousands of hits as it is such a diverse list of titles.  Some are regular blog posts (listed under Topics) and some are pages (found at the the top right on the first page of this blog).  In all there are 7 pages and posts that meet the criteria.

Chocolate Scratch Cake in a mug.
#1 Post is Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 Cake in a Mug

#2 Page is Helpful Hints for Scrubbing Bathtub and other.....

#3 Post is Fruit Cream, a lovely fruit salad

#4 Post is Chocolate Scratch Cake for One in a Mug

#5 Page is Easiest Stove Cleaning for Enamel Tops and.....

#6 Chocolate Chocolate Pudding Cake

#7 Page is Produce Codes Explained

This is not to say there are not tons more posts and pages of interest.   More interesting numbers are that there are 490 published posts, 488 published comments, and 234 followers.  The blog was first published on 4/19/10 so we are a little over 2 years old.

Chocolate Chocolate Pudding Cake.
So thank you all.  If you would like to look at any of these topics you can click directly onto the "PAGES" section in the top few inches at the top of the right hand column.  Or type the "BLOG" subject into the finder box in the lower portion of the right column.

Thank you my friends for making my days such fun with this.  I leave you now to go give Molly, our dog, her bath this fine sunny day.  Hummm.....sounds like an interesting if not comical upcoming post.


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Tina Bk said...

I like that the top posts are a series of different things, not just food. Household hints are always welcome as well as tasty recipes! Great lineup!