Tending the Garden Today or Playing in the Dirt with Doris

My morning routine for the past few weeks has been to get outside for chores early in the day before the sun beats down and the temperature shoots up!  Several times in recent days I have enjoyed the pleasure of my next door neighbor, Doris' company.  She and I are in the neighborhood of close to the same age and had struck up a friendship and bond over the course of our years as neighbors.

Calamities have risen on both sides of the fence and we have helped and comforted each other through it all.  Aren't good neighbors such a blessing!

Well anyway, she gets to tending her stuff and I mine and we visit and chat and enjoy each others tales of recent family goings on.....just like a sitcom of yesteryear.  We wave at the young Mothers as they load up their children and hurry off,  as memories of our days of being young Mothers flash through our minds.

A couple of days ago we blabbed and pulled weeds and blabbed some more.  It's a girl thing you know.  This morning we marveled at a tiny little cucumber nestled just above it's lovely yellow blossom!  We awed at two tennis ball sized green tomatoes.  Then we watched in horror as the beetles held an orgy on the pole beams,  literally!  An orgy!  We admired the shinning green heads of cabbage as big as grapefruits!

So I will share these lovely moments and a few garden shots with all of you today and encourage you to meet and greet and get to know your neighbors.  My most wonderful best friend of the last 30 years started as my neighbor across the street and we met chasing a dog.  So good neighbors are a great thing.  I wouldn't want to let  "neighboring"   become another lost tradition in these days of cyber living.

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