Two More Hand Pieced Quilt Tops! Another "FIND" and More.

Blocks of 9 two inch squares all hand sewn.
After getting Molly, our dog from the kennel this morning and making a mad dash to Wally World (Not a huge WalMart fan but there are a couple of things I can't find elsewhere.) I got down to emptying the last of the boxes from Grandma Powell.  There were a good 8-10 big boxes of notions, trims, fabric, and low and behold!  Two more hand pieced quilt tops.  I am stunned!

That makes 4 quilt tops!  Looks like if I live long enough I will have plenty of sewing to do, not as to never ever get bored! There are 4 quilt tops as well as a stack of additional blocks that have been sewn as well as many cut and ready to be!  The second one is white blocks that are hand appliqued in a pattern I do not know.  It looks a bit like a bonnet or an apron maybe? I am not sure.  I will have do do a bit of research.  It also has a deep blur border on all four sides.

The white blocks are appliqued by hand with a pattern I don't know.
In addition there are numerous large pieces of lovely fabric.  By large I mean cuts of several yards.  There are laces and trims and buttons galore.  Probably a hundred zippers and snaps.  I gathered about an 8" stack of Christmas goodies and some partially finished dolls and bunny patterns.  My gosh, it is like seamstress heaven!

Oh my gosh.  I just counted!  There are 24 big totes of fabric sitting in my family room turned sewing room.  Can you imagine?  Plus there is in addition to the totes a huge trunk and an antique ammunition box full of batting, pillow forms, and trims.  Guess I know what the winter holds in store for me.

I will have to go back and take a second run through all of them as initially the first half of my sewing things were organized by category.  Woven fabrics, Nappy fabrics, Wools, Knits, and Upholstery were the fabric breakdown and then there were the notions and trims.  Quite possibly I could hold the world record for largest antique  Ric Rac assortment!  Now they need to be reworked and resorted, merged, and relabeled.

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