Antique Silver Condiment Server, Another "Find"

Silver "treasure" after polishing.    
Last night Mike came by with another box from Grandma Powell.  This time I was tickled to see this lovely antique silver condiment server.  Brian's Mother Mary Lou had always kept one on a side table in her dining room that I had admired and this was just another lovely surprise.  As soon as I had it unpacked this morning I called to thank her for another treasure.  It is not often you find one without damage and that has all of the pieces intact so I was especially tickled to find it is in such good shape!  I was excited to dig out the silver polish if you can believe that!

"Treasure "before" polishing up!
Shortly after that, when I finished the other chores I had planned for this morning, I polished this up and looked for it a home in my dining room.  Not sure yet just where it will stay but I am certainly happy to have it.

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P.j. said...

I'm so happy for you! Paul had given us the other set several years ago. There's a story behind it that I'll share sometime. ;-)