Just Eating an Apple and Thinking.

It is about time I get back into the grove don't you think?  Seems like since Brian's surgery it has just been one thing right after another. Well, the days have cooled and the garden is about gone.  Today I picked what is probably the last batch of tomatoes to process.  I still have 20 pounds of apples to do something with though!! Thought I would just slice and eat one and think about the fall.

Today I spent at least 5 hours on the telephone.  I am hoping this is the last of my "CHORES".  I am the not so proud owner of an ATT 2 year cell phone contract and an Apple i-phone 3 that has not worked properly since I got it last Dec. 10th.   I spoke with both AT&T and Apple and all of the people were very helpful and we are getting a new phone but "Oh the hoops you have to leap through!" Golly, you just wouldn't believe!

Then I must start sewing.  Grandma Powell who was 92 last Sunday has given probably 20 large plastic bins of fabric to go with quite a bit I already had saved or been given.  I used to piece quilts but haven't for a number of years.  I am going to get some projects going though!! Then there are the wool sweaters I have been collecting for felting!  I could  go on and on. 

There is a thick stack of recipes too that I am getting to.  Just getting wound up for a big start, any day now.....

I just love these chickens!! My 4 year old Grandsons made them and I of course think they are works of art!!  Rainbow chicken was made when one Grandson sorted his Kix cereal and crushed it up into pretty sand.   Fluffy chicken was made when the other twin stuck on cotton balls and spaghetti for his picture.  Both the chickens and the boys are a grin!  Just thought I would share today.

Rainbow Chicken
Fluffy Chicken   

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