Freezing Chicken Pot Pies

Eight finished chicken pot pies ready for the freezer.
This morning I noticed there were perhaps 3 big hand fulls of green beans hanging on the vines in the garden.  It has been a sunny crisp day and I thought of the two quarts of boned frozen chicken I had noticed in the freezer and 2 quarts of stock frozen beside it.  An inspiration, I will make chicken pie this afternoon to freeze and keep out two for our supper!

At this point I brush the tops of the bowls with beaten egg  so the crust will seal.
The recipe I use I have already given you under Chicken Pie on 1/25/11.  I just did it differently based on what I needed to use up and had on hand.  I used the recipe for Pie Crust for 4-5 pies given on7/7/10 as to have pastry left over to freeze for later baking.

I used one of the portions of pastry and froze the other three disks for later use.
They turned out nicely and yielded 8 very nice sized pot pies.  Brian loves these and I like just pulling them out of the freezer and baking them off with no muss and fuss!!  I have a very cold ice cream shelf above the ice maker in my freezer.  When I make pot pies I clean it off and stick the finished pies there to quick freeze.  After a hour or so I pull them out and wrap them in heavy duty foil and store them in the deep freeze after marking them with the date and contents. 

Note:  This is also quite good topped with biscuits and baked off.


cambric cotton said...

I don't have much freezer space, was thinking I could freeze single portions of filling and pastry disks, not as much of a time saver but the same result. Looks good.

Deborah Celtic Heart said...

They look so good. I know if I ate meat I'd love to tuck into one of them. Love your little pots!

Diane Cosby said...

Actually you can make lovely vegetable pies too just using veggies and a well seasoned vegetable broth!!
Yes you can certainly freeze the disks and filling to save freezer space!! Great idea. Thanks to you both!