Vintage Canning Lids

Just look what I found as I am going through a truck load of fabric, trims, and other misc, goodies from Grandma Powell.  Two original packages of canning lids and one is marked with a price of $.98.

I ask you is that a bargain or what?? A dozen wide mouth caps and screw lids for 98 cents!  I have known her since I was 18 and I am 64 now and she has never canned anything since we were introduced.  She had long since left the farm and was a gal working for the state of Indiana Excise Department. 

I surely wonder how old these really are.  Wide mouth jars are a much newer innovation so surely within memory.  Just a stroll back in time!

PS:  It may well take me another week to get all of this organized.

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Anonymous said...

98 cents looks like such a bargain by today's standards, but back then it was just as expensive perhaps more so compared to income... just saying... ;-)