Antique Quilting Frame

Thanks to our daughter-in-law,  a what I am reckoning is an antique quilting frame has appeared at my house.  I would love to hear from anyone having experience with such things as I have none.  My dear friend Joyce is coming by tomorrow morning around ten to help figure it out.  Joyce is very mechanical and a good seamstress to boot so I am sure we will have a good time of it!  Not sure we will get it together but we will have a good time trying!!

I have been blessed with 2 frames, one large and one small. The pieces are all together which may make for a more interesting assembly.  This frame was Julie's late Grandma Whitledge's and she used it well.  I will try to do the same and am honored to have received it.

 I treasure that is is made of wood and not plastic or metal.  I think of the secrets it has heard over the years as it's owners hand stiched their scrap materials to form a cherished quilt of warmth.

Guess we will see what comes of this tomorrow!!


P.j. said...

You might try Googling the phrase "How to assemble antique quilting frame". I found several bulletin boards & even a couple of Utube videos but didn't watch them. Yours looks like they weren't homemade like some old frames apparently were.

Diane Cosby said...

Cool and thanks. I am most concerned that there are 2 frames all thrown together!! I will go google.