Crispy Cinnamon Apple Chips

Crispy and Sweet Tart Cinnamon and Sugar Sprinkled Dehydrated Apple Slices.
Last year I used the dehydrator for dried apples then used them in some recipes I make.  This year I am making them more as snack food.  There is one last 5 pound bag of Johnathon's in the refrigerator.

Thought I would consult the Ball Blue Book and it directs to treat apples with ascorbic acid solution (6 C. water to 6 t. ascorbic acid.) after slicing into 1/4" to 1/2" portions.  I cored them but left the peel and used a mandolin for speed and uniformity.  I prepared all of them and after the bath in the ascorbic acid solution for a good 5 minutes the slices were drained and placed in a large plastic bag I could store in the refrigerator as they needed to be dehydrated in batches.  After arranging on the racks I sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar because it sounded like a good idea!

This time I sliced the apples thinner, about 1/8" thick and used my favorite Vietnamese Cinnamon, about 1 t. cinnamon to 1 C. sugar, but anyway you like it will work just fine*.  You may also do this in your oven by using a metal rack and setting the oven to a very low setting.  Use an oven thermometer if you need one to regulate the temperature.  My gas oven will only reduce to 170 degrees but I wouldn't hesitate to use it but would just watch the project closely.

Ball recommends setting the temperature to 130-135 degrees F and leaving until leathery.  My plan is to go a bit further,  I am looking for crisp. After 6 hours the apple slices were a delightful crispy tart but also sweet cinnamon sugar treat.  I was tempted to snack the evening away but exercised restraint.

* Helpful hint, I made a shaker jar using a small jelly jar and a re-purposed sprinkler lid  from a Parmesan cheese container.

Cool and store in an air tight container for 6 months to 1 year.  Five pounds of fresh apples yields about 1.6 pounds of dehydrated fruit. 

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