Meyer Lemons in Honey

Honey and Meyer Lemons.
I was thinking about "Hot Toddies" yes, I do like a Toddy every now and again.....and for some reason it hit me how neat it might be to put together Meyer Lemons and wonderful local honey.  It is a fact that honey does not spoil.  Lemons are acidic.  So I married them up and yum.  I think is is a marriage made in heaven.  (For my favorite Toddy Recipe see Hot Buttered Rum 11/20/10.)

Thinly Sliced Meyer Lemons and Honey.
Then I was thinking about winter colds.   How nice it would be to have this lovely concoction all made up and ready to use as a cough syrup, or in tea, if not a Toddy!! Oh I can think of lots of ways to use this.

So......I washed and scrubbed then dried 6 beautiful Meyer Lemons and sliced them thinly into 2 sterile pint jars and poured in the honey, harvested but a mile down the road.  Bliss.

After running a knife around to release any air bubbles and securing the lids I tucked them into the refrigerator where I am certain they will be fine for a long, long time.  But I doubt it will last even a short time.  It just might be liquid sunshine.  Yield 2 pints.


Myrna said...

lLooks so good. We have a Meyer Lemon
growing in a pot. Have gotten a few lemons from it. They are so good. This looks like a great idea.

Diane Cosby said...

How wonderful! That would be lovely.

Linda said...

Hello -- I think this is a lovely idea and wanted to try it out. I was wondering if you just sealed and put them in the fridge or you canned them? Also, I was curious how long it lasts in the fridge? Was it also ok to fridge the honey since I don't normally put them in the fridge? Thanks so much!!!