Ready for Winter in Indiana? Cutting the last herbs and hanging the bird feeders.

Onion Chives, Rosemary, Garlic Chives, Thyme, and Sage.
I love the aroma of all kinds of lovely things, not the least of which are fresh herbs.  When the first hard freeze is forecast as it is here for tonight I gather up the last of anything I haven't used, brought in, or in some way readied for winter.  A few weeks ago, early for me, I brought in many plants and a few herbs in small pots.  These herbs are plants too big to drag in so I have just sniped them off, bundled them with string, and hung them in the sill of the kitchen window where they smell like heaven.

They delight me as does the fact Brian readied a pulley system Sunday for me to be able to fill my bird feeders this winter in the big front tree without having to drag out the ladder and climb up on the side of a hill to fill it.  Love that man!

The leaves are almost all gone and the birds act like they are starving already.
Always this day comes too soon.  We never seen to be ahead of the winter.  We did lay lattice board across the fish pond to keep the leaves out so the big gold fish and koi can winter through and not be killed by the poison gas forming from rotting leaves.  We leave the pump and fountain going and it will not freeze solid.

Mother said it is snowing today in Indianapolis and Diane, my best friend said it is snowing now in Bloomington, Indian so I guess it must be time for winter in Indiana.

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