Sew an Infinity Scarf or a Circle Scarf in Minutes.

Shimmering Robin Egg Blue Scarf Made in Minutes.
You see them everywhere and on young and old these days.  They call them Infinity or Circle Scarves.  I was looking at the dimensions and thinking, "How hard can this be?"  and we all know I am queen of fabrics these days!

They looked to be in a range of 60-64" by 8-14" and I thought I could probably make this happen.

Then the phone rang and we were invited to a friends birthday party.  A gift?  An opportunity.  The birthday girl has often been seen with lots of scarves and bejeweled.  So after I finished with the Apple turnovers and Apple Butter this morning I got busy.

1/3 yard (12") Shimmering Knit Fabric 60"+ wide
matching thread

Press the fabric.  Pin together the two long edges right sides facing each other but mark the fabric so as to leave about 4" on both ends open and not sewn.   Sew a 7/8" seam and back stitch.  Remove the pins and turn the scarf right side out as you would turn a sock.

Next pin the two short edges together with the right sides facing each other.  Sew all of the way across making a 7/8 " seam.  Turn the scarf.

Next pin the opening along the seam line and hand stitch shut.  This made a nice invisible seam.

Hooray!  It is beautiful and she said she loved it!  I got  a picture of her modeling it at the party.  I can just see her in a black or grey turtleneck with this scarf, her blue eyes will POP.   And what a nice party it was!  Thanks for the invite Mike and Mindy.

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Diane Cosby said...

We had dinner with these friends before Christmas and Mindy wore this scarf with a black turtleneck. It was beautiful. Since then I have been thinking on making a larger scarf to double loop. Watch for it the first of the year as I plan to make for my sisters birthday!!