Holiday Cocktail Punch Discovery and more........

Delicious and Refreshing Holiday Punch.
I left home for Indianapolis on 11/16 and returned 11/21, just in time to hit the butcher and the grocery on my way home and to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was a lovely trip to visit my oldest son Chris and twin Grandson's, age 4.  This trip way a hectic and busy, one full of catching up with loved ones!  Our son Mike and his family came up too so Emily could visit the campus of IUPUI.

Saturday we visited my sister Sheree and her family and got to see the progress Jacob is making after the terrible car accident in the spring.  Monday was spent with Mother and we went to a quilting specialty shop in Noblesville.  Tuesday I visited with my sister Linda and her family.  Each afternoon was spent with Jack and Sam and at bedtime the boys enjoyed their "sleepovers" with Grandma.

One of my discoveries was a wonderful Holiday Cocktail Punch.  Chris told me about it so I put it together for Thanksgiving day and I really like it!!

Ingredients for Holiday Punch:

4 C. apple cider
2 C. cranberry juice
2 C. dark rum

Mix altogether in a 2 quart pitcher and fill with ice.  Enjoy!

Emily's Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake.
I must brag on Emily.  She made us a cake and decorated it for Thanksgiving dinner and I thought it was terrific. She is really getting good.  She made the fondant from the recipe I give here in the blog.  Making Marshmallow Fondant,  July 3, 4, & 6.


Myrna said...

Years ago I decorated cakes for sale, weddings, bnirthdays, etc. Emily's cale looks very professional. She really is getting quite good at it.

Diane Cosby said...

Thank you so much!1 She is just 17 and self taught. I will pass along your words, I am sure she will be tickled!! Thanks again Myrna.