Part 2 of Finishing the Comforter.

Yesterday was very enjoyable.  I had phone calls from people I don't hear from very often but love a lot.  Among them Cathy Outlaw and Flo Fifield whom I haven't seen or spoken with for probably a year.  Not because we aren't dear friends but because I knew them in another part of my life and our paths don't cross anymore unless we make it a special point to find each other.  I am sure you know just what I mean.....

I did get busy on the comforter I had started pinning together and tied the whole thing with a beautiful deep red yarn I had found for just that purpose.  This morning I pinned one side and have decided to overcast the edges all of the way around and then use a lovely blanket stitch (I love the looks of the blanket stitches!)  To finish it off.  I told Brian if I overcast it and then blanket stitch it nobody should ever have to rework it as that should bind it all very securely. 

I am going to use the beautiful deep red yarn for the blanket stitching as it should be a lovely contrast with the dark fabrics.  One thing I find interesting and rewarding is admiring all of the "old" styles of fabric that were used to piece this.  I hadn't thought about that until the intimacy of hand working all of this came to be.  Just an observation.

I telephoned Grandma Powell and got the names of her Mother and her Grandmother who pieced this and I am going to embroidery their names into this with a note that it was done in the early 1900's and that I finished it this year.  Then whoever of the children or grandchildren end up with these they will know from whence thy came.


city said...

thanks for share.

Diane Cosby said...

Thank You for your comment. I had gotten if back out again to finish after the holidays but everyone here (except me) has come down with the flu and I have been taking care of sick family for the past month. I hope to get started and finish it very soon. There will be a part 3 when it is completed. Thanks again, Diane