Thanksgiving Menu and Prep for 11/22/12.

Homemade noodles ready to freeze until Thanksgiving Day.
This week I have been busy making lists of things to get done ahead and planning an easier than usual menu.  Also I have done some shopping and prep work that I will share with you.

Thanksgiving Menu  (tentative)       Recipe Given on:

Baked Ham                            Apple Butter Ham  9/24/11
Sweet Potatoes                       Sweet Potatoes  11/26/11 or 11/11/10
Green Bean Casserole            Fresh Green Bean Casserole  2/29/12
Chicken and Noodles             Make Egg Noodles  11/19/11
Vegetables and Dip
Potato Rolls                           Potato Rolls 11/18/11
Cranberries                            Cranberry Sauce  11/21/11

Pumpkin Pie                          Pumpkin Pie  10/5/10
Pecan Pie                               Pecan Pie  9/4/11
Sweetened Whipped Cream

Iced Tea and Lemonade

Munchie treats:  Chex Mix, Toasted Pecans, &  Maple Fudge
Spiced Pecans  12/7/10,  I am making the fudge for the first time this year and plan to post the recipe as soon as I do this one!
So I made this huge list on my I-phone and I am clicking things off as I get them done.  Today I have been carrying the parts to the two antique quilting frames down the stairs to the family room where I will ultimately use them.  Also I have two batches of noodles done and in the freezer and two more on the Hoosier Cabinet drying.

Tender and delicious homemade potato rolls partially baked and ready to freeze.
There is a batch of potato rolls covered and on their first rise sitting in a greased bowl on the stove.

Flaky pie crust disks ready for the freezer will become pies next week.
And, earlier today I put four pie crusts in disk shapes in the freezer, ready to thaw and roll out.

Next I have to scrub my 4 gallon stock pot and boil 4 gallons of water for Brian and I to start a batch of BEER.  Yes, he wants to start brewing our own beer.  So, this week we will start and I will keep you posted on how this turns out.  I for one am clueless and not a big beer drinker.

Tomorrow the cleaning people are scheduled in the morning to clean the upstairs carpeting and I will clean the downstairs bathroom and family room while they are here.  Then I would have to check the list to see what is left!! 


cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I've bee making my own noodles and lasagne sheets since my kids gave me a pasta maker for my birthday. I didn't realise how easy it was before then. I haven't seen potatoe rolls before, these look so good I think I will try your recipe. Have a great Thanksgiving, we don't do this occasion in Australia.

Diane Cosby said...

So how do you like the pasta machine? I have never used one. Sounds like fun though. Hope you like the rolls, my families favorite.