10 Baby Bib Project Complete Or How To Make Baby Bibs.

One side is a soft knit baby print.
The second side is terry cloth with a bit of colorful trim making the bibs reversible.
5:00 PM. and I just finished picking up my mess.  All of the bibs are done and I will move onto something else tomorrow or this weekend.  They are cute and I thought I would give the steps I used to complete them.  They are all the same save one.  I used velour seam binding to finish it and I liked it a lot but it made the sewing so heavy the machine kept bogging down and I've not a lot of patience with that!

So after selecting the patterns from Googling "free baby bib patterns" I selected the fabric and cut a front and a back for each bib.  Next I selected flattering trims and sewed them onto the right side of the terry cloth.  This will make the bibs reversible.  Cute on both sides.

I press the pieces and pin the right sides facing each other of each front and back.  The nest step is to sew them together with a 3/8 " seam EXCEPT FOR A 4" OPENING along the side that has no trim work.  This is where you will turn the bib right side out.

When you are turning the bibs it will help to use a long pencil's eraser end to turn the strap or tab ends right side out.  Again press and in doing so turn under the 4" un-sewn seam to make it easier to hand stitch it closed.  I will use a simple overcast stitch and good strong thread when I get to that part!.

You can see the left side is not stitched or trimmed.
After turning the bibs I trim the seam by half EXCEPT FOR THE 4" portion left open.

This is important, don't skip this step.
Then I clip the curves being very careful NOT to clip the stitching.  Go ahead now and turn the bib.

Just overcast the opening closed.
Press and stitch the opening closed.  Press again on both sides and top stitch 1/4" from the edge all of the way around the outside edge of the bib.  Sew on Velcro fasteners and they are done.

I am ready for babies to be born.


cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Wow you have been busy, these look great, someone will be very happy to receive these, thanks for the tutorial.

Mom2fur said...
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Diane Cosby said...

Mom2fur left me the nicest comment as did cambric cotton and I tried to reply on my i-phone and somehow it deleted the second message. Now I am embarrassed and feel like a dummy to boot! So my apology and please do comment again. Reading the comments is the most fun! Thanks. Diane