Sewing, sorting out, mending, sewing gifts, sewing baby stuff.....Having fun his week!

I found several bib patterns online.  The only reason I bothered was the fear of making the neck openings way too large!
This week I am committed to getting through the rest of these boxes of fabrics and notions and then getting down to business with mending, I have things to mend from Granddaughters Emily and Katie.  I owe my brother and sis-in-law a long promised baking potato bag,  I must mend the bags of corn to our giant corn hole game!!  They took a good work out at Emily's graduation as there were some very good players there!  We all enjoyed seeing "how it is done."

I need to make at least 3 tote bags for families with or expecting babies.  Not that they are diaper bags.  They are not but let's face it you can't get it all in one bag a lot of the time anyway.  A back up all purpose tote comes in pretty handy over the long haul.  Happily my bags hold up well.  The first one I ever made was well over 30 years ago for Linda and she still uses it now.

And, I have decided I want to make up a bunch of baby bibs just for the pleasure of doing so........and there are quilts in my future so many in my mind to make.

So I am getting ready!  Ready to sew.


cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I have just cleaned my wardrobe, I'm debating whether to alter a few things or send them off to the Salvation army. I have three pairs of my dads pyjamas to repair and hem and like you two new babies about to arrive. My daughter-in-laws brother and his partner are having a boy, due next week and my nephew and his wife also having a boy due on the 27th. Bibs would be a great idea, thanks for the incentive.

Diane Cosby said...

Awesome!!! I have to make for 2 infant girls and an infant boy. Tip you might ponder...My Mother had a lot of cloths and made beautiful quilt tops we al treasure now that my Dad and grandparents have passed away. The quilt tops are pieced from their clothing which makes them more special to us.