Roasting Corn, The Easiest Most Delicious Ever!

This was just corn from our grocery, 3 ears for a dollar but it may have been the best ever.
I have seen in various places how nicely they say corn roasts in the oven and thought I would try it today.  It is Tuesday and that means carry out chicken.  I mentioned to Brian not to get any sides as I have ears of corn ready to roast.

The corn shucks just dry a little and lightly browns as it roasts in the husks.
From what I have seen you simply preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.  Next you place the corn in the husks on the oven rack for 25-30 minutes.   It is said the silks just dissolve away and you are left with lovely roast corn!

OH MY GOSH1 This has to be the easiest, most delicious corn ever!

I did exactly as I supposed it to be done above.  Preheat oven to 350.  Stick the whole ears of corn into the hot oven and set the timer for 30 minutes.  Pull back the shucks.  The silks literally are gone.
Stick a couple of corn holders into the ends and serve.

All the clean up I have is the corn handles! Not even a pan to wash.
It may well have been the best corn ever.  It truly was perfectly done, sweet, and delicious.  The best part is the only mess I have is the corn holders as this was carry out night and eaten on paper plates.

I doubt I will ever cook corn any other way than this ever again!


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Myrna said...

That looks like great corn. I am going to try this as I really like the idea of no pan to wash or ears to desilk. Thanks for the great idea.