Vintage Textile Treasures, Doilies.

There are around 50 doilies on the table in assorted sizes, colors, and designs.  The stack at the lower right is 14 of the smallest, ideal for working into a quilt pattern or to mend with.
Inside the boxes from Grandma Powell that I brought in today and got unpacked there were what we called doilies.  (I don't know if younger people speak of them now or know the term.)  Many times these were made by had crocheting them yourself to adorn the tops of tables, arms and backs of chairs or sofas.  The tops of consoles and pianos as well as across the tops of vanities and dressers.  If you didn't crochet likely someone in your family or circle of friends and family did.

I especially admire the delicate color and design of this one.
Of course they could be purchased too.  Fancy work was done on many with additional colors, ruffles, or fruits like clusters of grapes or green leaves were worked into patterns.  I was always fascinated by these items.  I never learned to crochet although my own Mother is quite a master at it even having made little dresses for me as a child.

This deep purple edge is surely striking!
Some of these are also hand embroidered pieces with lace trims. Again in a variety of sizes.  I always wonder about the person who made all of these items.  What they had on their minds at the time they sat and did these, now many of these discolored with age?

I love the plain ones too!
This is folded in half but you get the idea!
At any rate I have seen them being worked into quilted items of late and have thought this a handy idea to keep to mend over damaged sections of a quilt or in the design of one being made.  So I am so very pleased and grateful to have been given these having known they belonged to Margaret,  Martha Jean's beloved sister.  (Grandma Powell is Martha Jean.)

I will treasure them and use them well.

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Carolie said...

My grandmother used to make these. I never got to meet her since she passed away when my mother was only 21 years old due to rheumatic heart. I have gotten to see several of her pieces through the years and they are similar to what you show here. They are very pretty as are yours.