We've Gone to the Dogs!

Oreo is of course the black and white dog and Molly is called orange and white.
Last week Molly our Brittany had a house guest, Oreo, a Brittany/Beagle mix and our son Mike's family pet.  Their family had gone to Florida and Oreo spent her week vacationing with Molly who loves to run in our fenced yard with her. 

Oreo is getting up there in years as our son Chris got a Rhodesian Ridge Back,  we got Susie, our boxer and Mike got Oreo all the same year and Oreo is the only one left living.  So I am sentimental about her,  and so glad she had such a good week.

Grandpa did have to rig up lattice over the fish pond as Oreo wanted to swim with the fishes at least 3 times a day!!  I think she was a black lab in another life!

I found it surprising that both dogs went bonkers for a treat I made them.  So much so that I ended up making a second batch Friday evening to have enough to send home a "dogie bag"  (ha  ha) with Oreo on Sunday.

These are so easy to make kids could make them.  The dough is very easy to work and roll.  the second batch I didn't even drag out the cutters but cut them in logs and pinched them in the center to liik like little bow ties.  Here is the link if you want to try them.

I must say I like to make my own treats for our pets just as well as our food from scratch as then at least I know what is in in and I can pronounce everything I add.  It HAS to be better for all concerned!  Probably cheaper too in the long run plus nowhere as much packaging used.

Oreo likes to sleep behind Brian's recliner and keeps an eye on the front door.  Nobody is going to sneak up in this neighborhood full of dog lovers and dog owners!
At any rate we enjoyed Oreo and hope she can star again another time.

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