Breakfast salads feel tropical plus it's raining like the tropics here, in Indiana? What's that about?

Both yesterday and today I have enjoyed nectarines, watermelon, and blueberries.
There is no doubt we are having a rainy summer thus far.  We have showers almost daily and it reminds me of Florida weather as the sun has shown its self a bit for short periods too.  It is of course preferable to a drought!  I am not a big hot weather fan so this is not so bad. 

So my breakfast salads seem tropical to me and I imagine monkeys playing in the big trees outside my windows instead of squirrels!  Of course Molly is hot on their trails and I often wonder in horror the damage to her nose should she grab onto one! 

Today I want to add that I had skipped my bowls of fruit for a few days in favor of toast and I certainly could tell a difference.  Just did not feel as good.  Actually my skin started itching again.  I am uncertain is this is a direct result or not.  More observation is needed.

The blueberries are the stars of this dish!
The watermelons as not as sweet as I would like and I am a little worried about that.  I have planned a watermelon sculpture of a shark this Saturday and will not be happy if the watermelon is not sweet! The nectarines are good if they sit out and ripen and the blueberries are wonderfully fat, juicy, and sweet!!

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