Cutting Out Patterns and Fabrics & Selecting Fabric Combinations for Bags

These will be so very soft for babies with knit fronts and terry cloth lining!
My sewing started and finished today with the mending of the "corn hole bags" for our game.  After that I hunted fabrics and bindings.

This is the smaller infant bib.
There were enough heavy infant knit fabric remnants from sewing for Jack and Sam that I cut out 5 small and 5 large baby bibs.  Note:  I Googled "Free Bib Patterns" and found several.  One I used was from and she calls this "sl o b b e r monkey BA BY BIB" the typos must be part of her identity?

This one is a bit larger for the really messy days!
Yesterday I had laundered my fabric so I cut and cut and cut.

White terry cloth is the perfect lining for these.
 The white terry cloth I purchased will be perfect to line the bibs with.  I will use Velcro for  the fasteners.
5 large bibs lined and pinned.
5 small bibs lined and pinned.
As I close up shop this afternoon they are all cut, lined and pinned together ready for me to sew tomorrow!  First thing in the morning I will pull some trims to embellish some of these.  Then to sew!

Lots of fabric and contrasting linings to think about.
I also pulled a bunch of fabric to consider for tote bags for all of these new Moms!


Sunshine said...

Diane, these are just adorable!

Diane Cosby said...

Thanks! I hope to finish them and start something new today. Drinking my coffee and planning now at 6 AM.. Love days like today when the cutting is behind me. Always hope I don't get careless and make a silly error in what I have planned for the day!

Angela Jackson said...

Probably not the type of bib for my baby. The only bib that works well with me are silicone bibs. They are very easy to clean and durable too.