Repairing Patchwork Coverlet with Vintage Doilies, Project Completed.

You can see the ribbon I used in earlier repairs and the two doilies I have pinned tonight for tomorrows stitching.
I am loving all these wonderful shapes!  It really does make covering the damage interesting.
Mother made several patchwork coverlets out of Dad's clothing and Grandma's "house dresses" as they were called back in the day.  After being used and laundered they have come loose in places and some of the fabric has just given way.  She machine pieced the squares and perhaps some of the seams have just plain pulled away.

This looks good centered over the corners of 4 squares.
This whole square has become frayed and the tight stitches of this will reinforce greatly.
I must admit to liking the unintended creativity of this application.
Twice I have repaired and reworked this patchwork using gross grain ribbon once and lace another time to cover and repair.  I had been pondering the next step when first I saw in several instances on Pinterest doilies worked into quilt designs.  Now doilies have appeared in two deliveries for my further adventures in "stitching".

Some of these just look like snowflakes!
And some people think it coincidence?  Not I!  At any rate it is now almost 11:00 PM. and this is all laid out on my dinning room table and pinned together for me to sew tomorrow.  So we shall see then how this all works out.

SUNDAY NOON;  All done.....

I found another bad place just above the Dolie at the right and used a woven cotton lace to repair.
I like this piece too with the scallop at the right.
UPDATE NOON SUNDAY;  I have been anxious to finish this little project.  I am tickled about it because it is an unusual thing to do and I really like the idea of it all.  So here are a couple of the finished pictures.  Brian held it up for me to show it is completed.  Very easy sewing, they just went right on without a hitch!

Actually I have another pieced coverlet that is very similar to this one she made in reds and blues.  I mended if previously by using embroidery stitches to anchor the repairs.  I am excited about some small red doilies that may go nicely on that one some time in the future.  Always more projects swirling about in my head!

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