EXTRA EXTRA! 5 Year Old Twin Boys Decorate Their Own Birthday Cakes and Have A Blast! Read All About It!!

Sam's creation had a lot of c-r-e-a-t-u-r-e-s as he called them. 
Jack's Creation had a lot of everything.
Yup, they are big stuff now!  5 years old.  Our twin grandsons decorated their own cakes this year and they had a blast!!  Grandma had quite a good time too I might add.

Ingredients for Birthday Cake Decorating for Twin Boys:

2 boxes cake mix made as package directs and baked in a half sheet or jelly roll pan, reduce baking time about 8 minutes or so.  Test for doneness by baking until inserting a tooth pick in a center it comes out clean.  Bake and cool ahead of time.
4 cans corresponding cake frosting
gummy worms
fruity gummy worms
chocolate kisses
M & M's candies
nerds candies or assorted sprinkles
assorted small rubber or plastic "creatures"
birthday candles
paper towels

Strawberry Cake frosting, candles, nerds in a dish, candy in a tray.
Chocolate Cake, frosting, candles, nerds in a dish, candy in a tray.
Arrange a lot of paper towels across the end of whatever table or counter the children will be decorating at.  This will save tons of clean up mess later! 

Both Boys Had a Tray of Assorted Candies.
Arrange the candies in a dish and the creatures in another next to the cake to be decorated.  Place them so they are easily reached by the children.  An adult can now spread the frosting onto the two sheet cakes.

Assorted creatures as Sam says!
While the frosting is fresh have the children decorate their cakes.  Everything will stay in place very well now.  You do have to be careful about sleeves though!  We were intrigued by how different yet wonderful both boys did their own cakes!  When they have completed the decorating let them pick their candles and arrange them too atop the cakes.  Now slip the paper towels and mess out from beneath the cakes and the mess is over.

NOTE:  The boys wanted to be sure and take their "creatures" home so their cousin Emily washed and dried them as soon as the the candles were blown out and while I was cutting the cakes.  

We did not light the candles and sing until later in the day but the boys kept checking out the great cakes they had done!!  It was indeed fun for all!!

Yield 24 generous portions.  Served with fruit from the shark centerpiece!!  Link for Shark centerpiece

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