First tomato of the season picked this morning! And, updated photos of transpalnted Dogwood tree.

It is a medium sized lovely red and ripe tomato, the first we have picked this season.
I always get excited about the first tomato of the season!   And today was the day!  Plus there is another one from the same bush ripening.  We probably will have 3 bell peppers big enough for stuffed peppers next week too.  Boy it just doesn't take much to make me happy does it?

Volunteer Dogwood transplanted on 3/15/13, today at noon facing to the south.
Volunteer dogwood transplanted 3/16/13, today at noon facing to the north.
I also took a snapshot or two of the dogwood tree we transplanted from a volunteer from another place in our wooded yard as a result of a comment from that posting.  The tree is doing just fine!

If you are interested in successfully transplanting dogwoods here is a link to how we do it

I am very happy because I had called our county agent about this little tree as it looked like deer had rubbed it to the point of damage.  He told me if it made it past June we were home free and here it is.  Perfection.  We have never lost one we have transplanted this way except when broken by a big wind storm.

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