Progressing On 10 Bibs Project But I Never Get As Much Done As I Plan Too!

Here are the two completed bibs.  One shows the embellished terry side using an eyelet ruffle and a yellow trim.  The other the knit print side.  Both are as soft as can be on both sides!
t occurred to me that these bibs could be made easily reversible.  That led to more thoughts of embellishments on the terry cloth side.  That let to digging through trims and lace which then led to making choices....So I only finished two today but all of the trims are on.  Actually my finished is all except for the closures.  I have heavy duty black Velcro and that will not due at all which will call for a trip to the sewing store!

Pressing and picking trims.
First I pressed the bibs then picked the trims.

I thought a couple of bright racing stripes would do nicely with the colors coordinating with the print on the reverse side.

I used a bit of an eyelet ruffle on the little girl bibs versus two stripes for the little fellas.
By the end of my day all of the trims were sewn on and I had called and ordered 20 additional sewing machine bobbins!  I spent way too much tine threading machine bobbins today.

My machine bogged down terribly at one point so I have to do a bit of ripping out and reassemble one.  But then that is the way it goes some days.  I am happy with what is done and look forward to tomorrows sewing.

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