Menu and Recipes for Our Third Weekend Birthday Dinner!

Happy Birthday Julie!

This is our third weekend in a row birthday dinner and it is our daughter-in-law we celebrate today.  She picked her menu:

Marinated and Grilled Chicken Breasts, grilled and marinaded skinless boneless chicken breasts.
Orzo with Peas
Fresh Green Beans
Layered Salad
Toasted Garlic Bread,  sliced French bread with garlic butter under the broiler until browned.
Devils Food Birthday Cake

None of these are new recipes but have been repeated in this kitchen and enjoyed in this dinning room over and over again.  That's pretty neat in and of it's self  in my book!

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cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Diane, my mother always made devils food cake for my birthday. I have her recipe now and have only made it once since she passed away. I think it needed her touch, maybe her love for it to taste as good as she made it